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Brand story: Rolls-Royce’s hundred year mark

Brand story: Rolls-Royce’s hundred year mark, text begins:
Brand story: Rolls-Royce’s hundred year mark, 1 pictures from the network
129 years ago, in January 29th, when the Germans, Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler, worked hard to creatively plug the engine into the carriage, the new “monster” appeared. Originally just the pursuit of faster travel, I did not expect to have the whole world loaded with wheels.
Since then, the pace of the times is no longer sporadic, but instead of two parallel tire printed, smooth, rapid progress continues.
Brand story: Rolls-Royce’s hundred year mark
Time to today, “car” has also undergone numerous cultural and technological innovation, the major brands are all in the pursuit of faster, lighter, stronger way to do their best, the automotive industry for a moment spectacular. Flash over the past hundred years, almost every month there are new models released, there are new data refresh people for the speed and passion of the imagination, let us too busy to attend to all.
Brand story: Rolls-Royce’s hundred year mark, 2 pictures from the network
So, some people began to look back, who turned out the creation myth — distinct edges of the star light, double R shiny, beetle vivid and Cadillac……
The steel frame of these classic framed the world for the wheel on the imagination, and on this basis, accumulate steadily.
Brand story: Rolls-Royce’s hundred year mark, 3 pictures from the network
Today, these “old cars” lie still in the big car factories, museums, and meet the fans from all over the world on a regular basis through meetings like “pebble beach”, “good Wood” and “manor”.
The profound historical memory like conservation, generations of car people’s vision and wisdom in the history of the time and memory of tribute, grinding out a better technology, faster and more streamlined and cool demeanor, this is perhaps the vintage car gives us the greatest significance. It allows us to remember where the axle and the origin are, and seize it, and take the wheel of change across the automobile industry.

Even NIKE calls it an old man! What kind of big name is it?

Brand story: even NIKE call it a “predecessor”! What kind of big name is it? The text begins:
That sports brand community has five: the United States NIKE, German Adidas, American Reebok, German PUMA, Japan Mizuno.
Brand story: even NIKE call it a “senior”! What is this big name? 1 pictures from the network
As veterans of the sporting world, each brand is a veteran with a long history and a long battle field.
Brand story: even NIKE calls it an old man! What’s the big name?
However, today, Xiao Bian is not to introduce them, but to introduce even NIKE should be honorific predecessors, ASICS should call his father – Onitsuka Tiger (Gui Zhonghu).
Brand story: even NIKE call it a “senior”! What is this big name? 2 pictures from the network
About Onitsuka Tiger, I believe many people are forced to face the ignorant, after all, the elderly low-key and reserved in our line of sight less.
Today, Xiao Bian comes to tell you about the ghost tiger from japan!
(knock on the blackboard! Come on! Take notes!)
Past life: one side overlord
As early as 1949, Onizuka Kiyaro, a 32 year old retired army officer, created ASICS’s predecessor ONITSUKA TIGER company (ghost company) with his own name and tiger. The tiger is believed to be traveling thousands of miles, running very fast, meaning. The first idea of the brand was to bring hope and self-esteem to young people after the sport. Although the shoes were not very successful in design or function at first, but after continuous innovation and improvement, they succeeded in creating the first pair of basketball shoes and named ONITSUKA TIGER (Gui Zhonghu).

The world’s ten largest brand of women’s clothing Armani (Giorgio Armani)

Brand story: the world’s ten largest women’s brand Armani (Giorgio Armani) text began:
Style positioning
Armani’s products are fashionable, noble, refined and neutral, which fully demonstrates the simplicity, elegance and confidence of the city personality.
At the beginning of 80s, women’s fashion style popular principles for cultivating Laurent, thin lines, while Armani boldly traditional men’s suits characteristics into the dress design, the line broadening, create a landmark round shoulder shape, plus no sweaters, casual pants structure loose, to 80s the fashion blows a relaxed natural wind.
Brand story: the world’s ten largest brand of women’s clothing Armani (Giorgio Armani)
1983 Miriam dressed in silk blouses, long white light grey cotton texture Giorgio Armani suit
Because this kind of men’s woman thought and 20s to simplify women’s outstanding contribution to the designer Chanel advocated by the spirit of the same, Armani is known as “80s Chanel”. The improved wide shouldered women were popular with professional women, while his generous and exaggerated treatment became the representative style of the whole 80s. Was called “the age of Armani”.
In 90s, Armani created more mature, he believes that today is not flashy trend, even the evening dress should also keep reserved reserved beauty

The story behind the LOGO design of the world’s top ten brands

Brand story: the text of the story behind the LOGO design of the world’s top ten brands:
1, the Herm s Hermes – carriage
Brand story: the world’s top ten brands LOGO design behind the story of 1 pictures from the network
Hermes’s brand LOGO was designed for a carriage with the Memphis font brand name, designed by Dr.Rudolf Wolf in 1929. The LOGO design of the origin of nature cannot do without founder Herm s roots: the harness shop.
Brand story: the story behind the LOGO design of the world’s top ten brands
In nineteenth Century, most people in Paris, France, kept horses. Hermes opened its first store in downtown Madeleine. People who like the artists for each product carved, leaving many masterpieces. They made the senior harness was deeply European aristocracy love, was the most beautiful city in Paris in the four round of the carriage, you can see the Herm s harness. Then, the Herm s to the European countries, the brand has become a typical representative of French luxury consumption.
2, Rolls-Royce Rolls-Royce – flying goddess
Brand story: the world’s top ten brands LOGO design behind the story of 2 pictures from the network
Rolls-Royce automobile manufacturer founded in 1906 in Britain, the logo originated from a romantic love story, the designer is a British painter and sculptor Charles Sykes. British Conservative MP John Montague has an innate art like dedication and romantic feelings of love, married he still madly in love with his secretary Elena Thornton, in the purchase of a Rolls-Royce 10/HP, Montagu found Charles Sykes, want to design their own image of lover Thornton into the logo.
At that time, a dance revolution was going on in Paris, and Montagu took Thornton to the opera house in Paris to watch the performance. In the lamplight, a series of perfect dance movements show out the image that Montagu wants in mind: the woman with long and tight long legs, the wonderful figure which is looming, is even more beautiful under the wrapped of long yarn. After several modifications, the image of the flying goddess finally took shape: her legs bent and her head extended toward the front – it seemed as if she was staring at the road ahead; the spinning dress was floating with the wind and tightly wrapped around the lithe body. In 1911, it officially became Rolls-Royce logo.
However, this poignant love story ends in tragedy. During World War I, Montagu was sent to India to investigate motorized units. He and Thornton boarded the ship in December 13, 1915, and later the ship was struck by German fish, Montagu survived, and Thornton unfortunately with the ship sank to the seabed.

Brand story: the secret behind the goddess’s new clothes Mark & Wang Chen Caixia

Brand story: the secret behind the goddess’s new clothes Mark & Wang Chen Caixia begins the text:
In March, the charm of Nvzhang “, this week we spent” goddess Festival “, you are the goddess for clothes?” the brand story “bring you today about the goddess clothes story, who is nearly two years and create new goddess global fashion circles, they are from china. One who was looking for inspiration from the earth was Mark, whose brand was “exception” and “useless”; a king Chen Caixia who excavated elements from traditional culture. Her famous brand in the world was Xia Zichen”.
Marco, Changchun, Suzhou Institute of silk in the design and performance of the first professional clothing, a mark is the first 15 students majoring in fashion design and performance in 1, 7 meters tall and not tall in the model. To enter the University mark showing good cultural foundation, and she for costume design interest and talent shows. Although she majored in fashion design and performance, her drawing designs are the best in the class, and her works are not inferior to those of her major in fashion design.
Brand story: the secret behind the goddess’s new clothes Mark & Wang Chen Caixia 1 pictures from the network
Brand story: the secret behind the goddess’s new clothes Mark & Wang Chen Caixia
There is a professor of layout design work for the production of jewelry, the other girls basically chose to make beads, but chose to mark wood, bamboo and hemp to complete, color collocation in place, and give up the sewing machine to complete, complete by hand, let people find everything fresh and new.
After graduating from college in 1993, Marco refused the distribution unit and came to a small clothing company in Guangzhou. In 1994, she was 23 years old to “terra cotta warrior” was the second International Youth Cup Chinese brothers fashion design contest gold, gold is still the youngest player record holder. Help complete the winning mark “terra cotta warrior” is her then husband, now chairman Mao Jihong’s exception. In 1995, Marco launched an “exceptional” dress. The name comes from the idea that clothes should not be superficial”.
Brand story: the secret behind the goddess’s new clothes Mark & Wang Chen Caixia 2 pictures from the network
Through extensive market research, Mao Jihong found that China clothing market although many brands, but belong to the original design of domestic brands, occupy the mainstream of mostly foreign goods”. The original design, brand positioning is low, high-end brands rarely. Mao Jihong is determined to design domestic high-end clothing brand, with 30 yuan and ten thousand yuan of funds, together with Marco set up the company. They have a clear division of labor, Mao Jihong is responsible for city marketing, Marco is responsible for the design, and want to make ideological works.

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